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Welcome to my site. I have had three great passions in my life:  family, teaching, and fly fishing.  Somehow they are all connected.  I taught high school English (and electives such as Cinema, Debate, Radio and Television, what we called "Computer Assisted Composition,” Creative Writing and probably a few I have forgotten) for 38 years. A number of people have taught that long, but I learned, early in my career, that there is a difference between teaching the same thing in the same way for 25 years and 25 years of teaching experience. I was fortunate to be selected Pennsylvania’s 2002 Teacher of the Year which allowed me to work with superb educators from around the globe, and I won a Fulbright Memorial Award to visit schools in Japan. The last two years at my high school I served as Technology Instructional Coach in a state intiative, Classrooms For the Future, a bold attempt at transforming the conventional classroom into a 21st century educational environment. For the last few years, I have consulted for the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a Coach Mentor, working with school districts to implement Classrooms for the Future. I’ve been around. Horace Walpole said “To the people who think, the world is comic…to the people who feel, the world is tragic.” Sometimes when I think about schools, in all their glorious, institutionalized madness, I am amused. Other times I sense the pain that some students bring with them into the classroom and the frustration teachers feel as they try to change the world. This site shares my thoughts and my feelings.

"From the public schools grows the greatness of a nation." Mark Twain

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